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Work Health Solutions assists employers to meet their obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

We are experienced in a wide range of industries including the following: local government, manufacturing, mining and oil industries, central government, transport sector, chemical industries, lead, asbestos, maritime and rail industries.

Our services include the following (please click for further information):

Hearing testing in noisy workplaces is often a requirement of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. In most cases noise exposure should not exceed 85dBA. Hearing tests can be performed on site at the workplace or at our office.

Biological monitoring helps to determine whether a worker has been exposed to excessive amounts of a specific hazard. Examples include heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury. Other compounds which may be tested for include exposure to organic solvents, hydrocarbons, and exposure to infectious biological agents such as hepatitis viruses. We routinely report the results to the worker, their General Practitioner and to management, with an explanation of the findings and recommendations.

Manual handling incidents and accidents, particularly in an ageing workforce, are well recognised as a significant source of disability and lost production. Our highly trained staff can provide a detailed assessment of the work environment and physical requirements. We also offer regular staff training with updates including the use of including the use of video task analysis as a teaching and learning tool.

Our services include:


Asbestos Sampling – we provide services to test for the presence of asbestos in the workplace not only in building materials but also in the atmosphere.

Chemical and dust exposure – environmental exposure to chemical compounds and dusts can seriously affect health. We are can provide services to measure these exposures and potential threats.

Sick Building Syndrome – some workplaces are inherently unhealthy. This can be due to a variety of hazards or exposures including volatile organic compounds, dust, fungi and bacteria. Infestations such as fleas or bedbugs, particularly on ships can be a source of ill-health. Our team is able to make a detailed and accurate assessment of these hazards and provide recommendations for management.

Environmental noise and lighting – poor lighting can affect worker health and productivity. We can provide regular workplace noise assessments and routinely use highly accurate type I sound level metres. A detailed report is provided in each case with a calculation of total noise dose and recommendations.

Employers may have significant concerns about a staff member’s ability to safely and effectively perform in the workplace. We provide a service to assess these workers is led by our Specialist Occupational Physician. We have a wide network of tertiary providers we can access at short notice, including Occupational Therapists, physiotherapists, Exercise physiologists, Occupational Cardiologists and Specialist Industrial Psychologists. We handle all consent requirements including seeking permission to review relevant General Practitioner or specialist medical reports. A detailed report is usually provided to the employer outlining the chances of a successful return to work, what might be done to facilitate this and the overall prognosis.

Work Health Solutions Ltd has specialist skills and expertise for dealing with the risks associated with high Hazard industries. Our experience includes the oil industry, rail, maritime, commercial diving, mining, road transport and manufacturing sectors.

Vision impairment raises the risk of accidents and impaired work performance. We can measure both distance vision and near vision. We are also able to check for colour vision deficiency which affects approximately 8% of males.

Our staff are trained and certified to collect drug samples in compliance with the Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS 4308:2008. We are able to carry out pre-employment, post incident testing on-site or at our offices. We offer both instance office-based drug testing and scratch that we offer both instant and laboratory-based drug testing.

We carry out workstation assessments and education to ensure computer-based workstations including standing desks hazards are identified and managed. We believe the correct office equipment is of great significance but equally, education and work practice is of vital importance. All staff are given an individualised assessment and report with a copy is provided to management as confirmation of assessment and training.

Pre-employment medical examinations – we provide pre-employment medical examinations designed for the specific requirements of your workplace. These may include medical history questionnaires, specific physical examination, hearing and spirometry (lung function) testing, vision testing, blood pressure, mental health assessment, fatigue assessments, cognitive screening and alcohol and drug testing. We can also assist cardiac function with an ECG heart trace (we use a highly accurate 12 lead ECG system). Our ECGs are routinely reviewed by our Specialist Cardiologist. A detailed report is provided to the employer with recommendations and the worker is advised of any follow-up required.

Our medical specialists can provide file reviews and second opinions for complex cases and situations where there may be legal disagreement including conflicting opinions with regard to causation or the work capacity of an individual. Dr Ryder Lewis has specific training and expertise in medico-legal report writing and expert witness services.

This testing assesses the lung capacity as well as detecting changes in lung function which may be due to workplace exposures – for example, due to asbestos, isocyanate’s (sometimes found in spray paint), dusts and other compounds. We are also able to give an indication if lifestyle factors such as smoking are impacting upon lung health.

Our highly trained nurses or doctors can come to your workplace and provide a detailed annual health and well-being assessment. This can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. Assessments include height and weight, blood pressure monitoring, diabetes and cholesterol testing, mental health assessment, assessment of lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise and smoking. We also provide general health advice and education including important areas such as cancer screening and prevention. Staff are provided with a detailed report, recommendations and health resources. A copy is also routinely forwarded to their General Practitioner.

Infectious diseases are an becoming a common cause of disability in the workplace. In some cases they require extensive periods of treatment and rehabilitation. Productivity can be significantly impacted by infections such as influenza in the workplace. We can provide a range of immunisations and vaccinations including influenza, hepatitis, tetanus and travel immunisations.

Acute illness and injury can lead to a loss of productivity and delays in seeking medical treatment may prolong the illness. We recognise the importance of this and so provide a service where a worker can be seen by one of our doctors or nurses in most cases on the same day. Where possible, we will recommend suitable alternative duties, thereby reducing lost time and frequently improving recovery times. A detailed report is provided to the employer outlining treatment, current work capacity and expected timeframes for recovery. We also provide monitoring and maximising of recovery and return to work. We have access to large network of medical and surgical specialists we are able to refer to these professionals at short notice.

These medical examinations provide a health assessment of general factors or specific issues at the end of an assignment. A full report is provided to the employer.

We also provide the following specialist assessments:

  • OEUK (OGUK) medical assessments
  • Maritime and Seafarer medical examinations including national and SCTW for international employment
  • Asbestos medical assessments
  • Rail medical examinations
  • Commercial Diving medical examinations
  • Medical examinations for the mining industry both underground and above ground

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