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Asbestos - what it means for your business

There has been a lot of talk in the media in recent times about asbestos exposure and buildings, in part due to the demolition of earthquake damaged sites in Christchurch. Even in Wellington it is coming to the fore as buildings are earthquake strengthened. READ MORE

Common pre-employment mistakes

In the rush to employ a new staff member it’s very easy for a company to make mistakes. Besides obvious errors such as forgetting to ask for hearing tests, drug tests or other physical examinations, there are two other errors we see commonly. READ MORE

The dangers of prolonged sitting

Office employees make up about 12% of the working population. While it has been known for a number of years that sitting for long periods of time is not good for you, it is only comparatively recently the true nature of this risk has become clearer. READ MORE

One size does not fit all - hearing and eye protection

Hearing and eye protection is important kit for many employees in a variety of industries. It becomes part of their equipment/tools essential for safety at work. However employer responsibility does not end with issuing the staff member with a pair of goggles or ear plugs. The protection needs to be appropriate and useful for the work being carried out. READ MORE

The ageing worker

For perhaps the first time in our history the number of older workers in the employed population is growing. Worldwide, as the baby boomer generation ages, they would perhaps in the past have looked forward to a comfortable retirement. However, many have chosen to carry on working. In NZ by 2011 it is expected there will be over one million people aged > 55 years of age and 46% of them will be in paid work. READ MORE

Getting ill and injured workers back to work

It’s often said that your staff are an asset in your business; this is more than a cliché. Good staff can be hard to find, hard to retain and when they are ill or injured it can be equally difficult to return them to work. READ MORE

The ACC experience rating framework

Recently ACC announced a change to its business premiums (levies) framework. The new Experience Rating Framework will reflect both the industry’s and individual employer performance or claim history. The experience rating will not however apply to those accreditedemployers in the Partnership Programme. READ MORE

Step ladder safety

The longer days and good weather we have experienced is a signal for many of us to carry out the outdoor ‘spring clean’ with maintenance and tidying up, not only around the worksite but at home. At a glance, a step ladder doesn’t look very dangerous. There are no sharp blades, or fast-moving parts, however it is potentially one of the most lethal pieces of equipment you may ever use. READ MORE

Are sit-stand desks good for you?

Too much of anything is bad for you. This of course, as we know, includes fried foods, alcohol, sweets and now sitting. In the past 3-4 years a number of scientific studies have been published indicating sitting all day is not good for your health. As a result sit stand desks are becoming more common in the work place. READ MORE

Top nutrition and exercise tips for staying in tip top shape over winter!

Many of us during winter want to spend the time eating warming, comfort food and staying close to the fire and television. However, this is not so good for our waistlines and our health in general! Here are some tips to help stay healthy, boost our immune system, keep active and avoid dreaded weight gain over winter. READ MORE

Creating a mentally healthy workplace

We have noticed there is increasing ‘conversation’ about how to manage mental health in the workplace. Ideally every workplace would be a mentally healthy workplace. Employees’ mental health is as important as their physical health and safety. So this Newsletter is dedicated solely to this area of concern. READ MORE

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